Bruce Thomas, the bloke behind Fine Print, has been in the print game for many years. He began selling papers as a kid. As a grown-up, Bruce worked for numerous print houses for about ten years prior to starting his own show in 1992.

So he knows reams and reams about design and production, pre-press and printing, technology and different print techniques, budgeting and quality control, press checks and pressures, stocks and inks, finishing and embellishing, the nuts and bolts, all the bells and whistles, the whole, you know, shebang.

Hey, Bruce, you know your ‘F’ logo? Well, it’s like backwards man.
Oh, @#%! No, really? Ha ha. Yes, it’s meant to be backwards.

But umm, why backwards? It looks a bit, well, odd. Well, once upon a time, type was set and stuff was printed using wooden type blocks. Sort of like clunky Scrabble pieces, except the letters were backwards and raised so they’d leave a positive impression. Anyway, this was done by a compositor—a typesetting specialist and general person of letters. Our logo recalls this tradition, and the ideal it represented.

That’s very interesting, but what’s the point? What ideal? We don’t use type blocks any more. Well, if you think about it, and we think you should think about it, perhaps recalling this tradition suggests an insight into the print production process—the technicalities, the procedures and the various specialists involved. Perhaps it also suggests a commitment to the artisan and the time-honoured tradition of putting ink on paper. Maybe it also says something about our drive for good old-fashioned service.